Thursday, May 7, 2009

Taipei day 2

Went to.....

Dan Sui (a lot of

Shi Lin Night Market (

Xi Men Ding (more cds...)

Big dinner courtesy of Ya Ping's parents......

Taiwanese hospitality is amazing.

Long day. No stories. Photos speak for themselves.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Taipei trip - Day 1


I am in TOTAL awe of this amazing city....and it's only the 3rd hour of my arrival

Awed by...

...the vast amount of pretty short...very short...too short...skirts... (even the girls at the lobby counter here at ymca are damn hot)
...NORMAL prices of food, not to mention the taste... (tasted chao tao fu and pig intestine noodles)
...the prices of cds... (there is a big cd shop right opposite my hotel inviting me to splurge)

and that is only the first 3 hours.......not to mention the damn helpful taxi (F1) uncle who got me got me to ymca at 120km per hour upside down inside out.

Friday, March 13, 2009

whine whine whine

1 day before a concert of Rachmaninov's 2nd symphony with Leon Fleisher the pianist conducting...

1. Your oboe's low c pad refuses to close and nothing is working to help it close. Repairman has offered me a wonderful Cabart for the concert which i will get 1 hour prior to tomorrow's rehersal in the morning at 10am.

2. Your english horn's low E squeks when you don't exert enough downward pressure on your left hand G key finger enough. Solution? Press harder.

3. And your killer blisters come back to haunt you. Dettol thankyou.


Monday, March 2, 2009

My oboe is against me, bravo

Twice to the workshop in less than a week? I need a new oboe....................

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Auditions - The beginning of the end

From Wikipedia:
An audition is a sample performance by an actor, singer,
musician, dancer or other performer. It involves the performer displaying their
talent through a previously-memorized and rehearsed solo piece: for example, a
monologue for actors or a song for a singer.

One works for 3 months....learning gruesome repertoire that has to be repeated over and over again for 100s of hours. It all boils down to that 5 minutes in a real audition. Finally, you get "Thankyou very much" and wait for a letter, that says, "The standard of participants this year has been incredibly high, we regret to inform you that....". You know what comes next of course.

Is it worth it?

I hope my reply says something nicer...

On a side note, there has been a clearance sale of cds at a local cd shop. CDs are quickly dying away, thanks to illegal downloading, the lack of enthusiasm for non commercial items, and Ipods. Fortunately for me, skipping through the classical section (Wow Howard, bravo), i found a cd that was priced SGD1.95. Being extremely curious, i checked it out and realised it was music from my primary school days. Live concert performances of Taiwanese pop sensations 陈绮贞, 张震岳, 顺子...And then another cd, music of Remy Shand, that i used to always listen to, in a friend's car, again at bargain price....Remy Shand dissapeared from the pop music scene after a sensational record in 2002, no one knows what he is doing or where he is now. Hopefully, we see a comeback in the near future.

Friday, February 27, 2009

I am tired......

Really.....very very......tired......

Sunday, February 8, 2009

What is an hautbois (oh-bu-ah)? Like, oh, buah rambutan

And that is an hautbois, played by a lovely lady which is not me, but which i am tremendously interested in. For the non connossieur the hautbois is also known to the english speaking world as the oboe. The reason why i am posting because Wen Qi forced me to. I play the oboe...for those who are interested, this is how an oboe sounds like:

I could have posted a better example, but this has Wen Qi dancing around, what better introduction to the oboe than this.